Stories about Biolight from successful equestrianists


“Biolight is by far the most effective light and massage product we have ever used”

Royne Zetterman

Swedish Show Jumping Champion 2013, Trainer and breeder


“If my horse is sore or feels stiff, then we use Biolight. More than anything, I notice that the horses relax and enjoy Biolight's wonderful effects.”

Patrik Kittel

World-class rider in dressage


“It is very easy to use and has grown incredibly popular with our grooms. We had two machines to start off with but now we have ten of them as everyone wants to use them.”

Stig H Johansson

Dominant in trotting


“I attach great importance to the needs of animals for quick healing and less pain. I am therefore very pleased to be one of the first veterinarians in the country to work with Biolight.”

Susanne Demmers

Reg. Vet. Med. Lic University Vet. Clinic at SLU


“We use Biolight for both acute injuries and for preventive treatment. We have seen incredible healing processes for wounds.”

Peter och Gisela Jardby

Coach of trotting and race horses, convalescent centre

Quicker healing, reduced injury rate, better competition results - this is how Biolight works

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